Peoria Spring Training Experience

Spring training is a yearly ritual that signifies the return of America’s favorite past time. The first feeling I had while walking into the stadium was the different vibe I felt. It had more of an intimate homey type feel. Major Leagues baseball stadiums are huge structures that can at times feel cold. The Peoria sports complex felt like a town fair where you’d gather with friends and family for a picnic. … Read More Peoria Spring Training Experience


Quarter Season Review: Padres “A Tale of Two Teams”

San Diego sports fans don’t have much to be excited about these days. When the Executive Chairman of the Padres Ron Fowler comes out and calls the teams recent play “pathetic and embarrassing” and overall “miserable failures” it’s hard to hold out hope. Fowler doing his best Ray Kroc impression expressed the sentiment of all Padres fans. It was a breath of fresh air to hear such candor from men at the top. Which led to the Padres are making the wrong kinds of national headlines.… Read More Quarter Season Review: Padres “A Tale of Two Teams”