How I got my gaming groove back

The first game I can remember playing was Super Mario Bros. in the early 90’s. Having played games for the better part of three decades, fatigue was bound to set. With seemingly the same types of games released year after year an overall malaise set upon my desire to play game.… Read More How I got my gaming groove back


E3: The Last Day

The last day of E3 Dinosaur Spaceship explored the surrounding offerings. Starting with E3 Live which was a registration event open to fans. E3 Live was a small sectioned off area outside next to the Staples Center. With a WB booth showing off various games including “Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens” and “Lego Dimensions”. There was an Alienware section showing off steam machines and A giant Titanfall Statue pictured above. There was a Facebook experience section, a tent showing off the HTC Vive, a twitch booth and booths selling some merchandise.… Read More E3: The Last Day